All You Need to Know Before Buying a Traditional Wood Fireplace

Since the early nineties, fireplaces have been warming the indoors of European houses to a perfect temperature. Placed in the heart of the house, the living room, it provides cozy warmth in the chills of harsh winter. The oldest variant of fireplaces, i.e. the traditional wood fireplace is still pretty popular as most people wish to bring that ancient royal ambiance into their home. A traditional wood fireplace utilizes wood to sustain the flickering fire which serves not only as warm up but can also be used for cooking winter special delicacies so that a family could share their precious time together. Information credit:

However, the genuine luxury of having a traditional wood fireplace is required some research and in-depth knowledge of what your requirement really is. Below is some advice to keep in mind before buying a traditional wood fireplace.

  • The Specialty of Traditional Wood fireplace

In numerous ways, wood fireplaces are irreplaceable and a luxury appliance.

  • Having a pure and crackling fire at the center of your home has a blissful effect on almost everything.
  • A traditional fireplace can be installed pretty easily and it doesn’t depend on electricity for anything which means it can produce an unlimited amount of heat and warmth as long as it gets sufficient dry wood.
  • When you first install a wood fireplace at your home, the experts take care of every requirement associated with its design, functionality, and heat producing ability and fit it according to the new emission standards.
  • Traditional fireplaces don’t just provide with beautiful fire and unbeatable toasty environment but it also fills the air with its faint yet delightful aroma.
  • You can choose which sort of wood you may want to burn according to the requirement, whether its quick burning or long burning wood or even aromatic wood.
  • Cons of Having a Wood Burning Fireplace

Having a wood burning fireplace inside your house could be disastrous if you didn’t know the disadvantages and risk associated with its installation. It's best to know about the drawbacks before buying a beautiful traditional fireplace.

  • Since it’s a wood burning fireplace that means the burning fire is solely due to dried and chopped down wood pieces which the owner provides. One needs to make sure that the wood pieces are kept in a dry state or else the fire won’t start.
  • Although fire is a beautiful and relaxing thing to look at it can never be left unattended even after extinguishing because even the smallest spark in the ashes could rekindle it.
  • Any fireplace could start malfunctioning if it's not maintained once in a year by experts. Its very risky and could harm a person or the whole family to use a fireplace which hasn’t been serviced or annually inspected.

If one needs a fireplace only to warm up the house then wood fireplaces could prove inefficient for them as it only offers a dim, bearable warmth. To increase the temperature, an insert could be added to it which would increase its ability to warm greatly.

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