A New Brand of Cardboard Kids Furniture

Tsuchinoco is a new brand of cardboard kids furniture that’s debuting at the Baby & Kids Expo in Tokyo. Made from Reinforced Corrugated Fiberboard, it’s light-weight, durable and also completely recyclable. Designer Masahiro Minami who was responsible for not only the logo and branding, but also the ingenious designs that start out flat and get built-up to life-size furniture. Fun!

The farm-themed collection is named after a mythical snake-like creature that has forever enticed the budding minds of kids across Japan. Tsuchinoco embodies a nostalgic longing for rural Japan, hence the tree and tractor-shaped pieces. Cardboard furniture has seen a surge in popularity ever since people rediscovered it’s possibilities after the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.

The simplicity and innocence of the toys is refreshing.

via: Spoon & Tamago

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