21 of The Best Christmas Gifts for Foodies

A perfectly ripe avocado, a nationwide ban on frilly purple lettuce, and a booking for The Test Kitchen some time before the apocalypse… Foodies’ wish lists can be a little difficult to fulfill. To help you find a gift for the fussiest foodie in your life, we tracked down 21 of the quirkiest, most interesting and most useful food-related gifts available online. Happy shopping!

1. Banana-shaped elastic bands
These would be great for when you’re trying to coordinate your stationary collection with your favourite fruit. Could also work as an ironic gift for bananaphobes.

2. Banana bunch oven glove
Another gift for the banana-lovers (or haters) in your life.

3. Monochrome pineapple print
For those who are less keen on bananas.

4. Wineglass marker pens
Filed under the ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ category, these non-toxic gold and silver pens, which write on glass, crystal and glazed ceramics, would make great gifts for friends who enjoy entertaining, but not other people’s backwash.

5. Handmade lace earthenware tiered cake stand
Made by a pottery artist, this pretty cake stand will help you support local design, and will also support your cupcakes.

6. Earphones shaped like cupcakes
Compatible with all devices with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket and all humans who find sweet treats irresistible.

7. Old-school jaffle iron
Helpful for your Pinterest-loving friends who want to replicate their favourite recipes online but lack the necessary equipment. (They will also be needing a cast-iron skillet).

8. Truffle mayonnaise

Actually, just get a jar of this stuff for yourself. Alternatively, invest in some truffle salt. Your morning eggs and slap tjips will never be the same again.

9. A bottle capper and caps
For the aspiring home-brewer in your life, might we suggest a bottle capper? Handy, and not too expensive in case the brewing thing turns out to be a passing phase.

10. Rose gold cutlery set

11. Bone china coffee cup
A large part of food and beverage snobbery centres around the receptacle from which said comestibles are consumed. And if you’re a true coffee or tea snob, nothing beats fine-bone china. Also: how great are these illustrations?

12. Ice sticks tray
A genius idea! This ice-cube maker makes ice in a shape suitable for water bottles. Buy it for the runner/cyclist/ultimate Frisbee player in your life.

13. Freezer moulds
Sure, you have heart-shaped ones and lolly-shaped ones, but do they melt away to expose a fish bone shaped skeleton? Huh? Huh?

14. Ice lolly socks
And while we’re on the subject of ice lollies, how pretty are these?

15. Spherical ice balls
These shining silver spheres will look beautiful bobbing in your whisky-loving friend’s dram.

16. Earl Grey with blue flowers
If you know someone who’s really into Earl Grey tea, we can assure you that this is an excellent brew.

17. Spatula wine holder
We’re so intrigued about whether this thing actually balances that we almost forgot to ask why we need it. It’s a spatula that doubles as a gravity-busting wine display – so there’s that.

18. A cool minty casserole dish

Our copy editor has been hinting strongly about this for several months.

19. A membership to the League of Beers
For the craft beer enthusiast in your life.

20. Bourbon vanilla beans
Because the real deal is a thousand times better than the essence. You could put together a hamper of other hard-to-find spices. We’d like some smoked paprika, and pink peppercorns, thanks.

21. Sriracha
We’re willing to bet that your spice-loving friends will love it – if they don’t already own some. And if they do, they’ll appreciate a refill.

Via www.eatout.co.za



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