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Skin Regimen - Advanced Skin Care

Advanced skin care, the latest generation of food supplements and lifestyle recommendations for an innovative skin diet created by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and scientists. A complete line to correct the appearance of signs of aging and visibly prolong youthfulness. Efficacy tests prove an increase in skin moisture of 26%. Wrinkles appear…


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Coca-Cola light® Unveil Leading Visionary Marc Jacobs

The partnership between Marc Jacobs & Coca-Cola light® brings an exciting element to the Sparkling Together campaign.

Available now in South Africa the ‘I Heart ‘80s’ embodies the rise of the empowered woman in all her 1980s glory. Marc Jacobs captures her in a timeless and classic style, with a strong rebellious current,…


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Bio-Therapeutic’s bt-Cocktail

The bt-Cocktail™ Ultimate ATP Synthesis product system is a unique proprietary blend of the most forward thinking, efficacious ingredients available today in skin care. Together these ingredients allow for optimal cellular health by nourishing, protecting, and enhancing the capabilities of the mitochondria; the heart of where ATP is manufactured.…


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Love The Bensimon Style!

Bensimon style, a blend of casual chic and feminine apparel, is emphasized by colour and beautiful fabrics. This uniqueness has set Bensimon apart from the rest by being more than just a fashion brand, but a lifestyle. Over the years Bensimon has become an everyday friend to the French and closer to being a darling brand to South Africans.…


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