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Ard's the rule not the exception

No - not Art, as in "arts and culture", but Ard as in Mr Mumble Matthews who slightly slaughtered our national anthem live on TV before the full Springbok squad. 

Shame. I felt for him. Cos as much of a leftie as I've always been considered to be, a patriot, a committed African, there is always that tricky passage in the second paragraph of Nkosi Sikhelele that I always hum to after boldly singing the opening stanzas and before I kick in again on "uit die blou van ons se hemel", which…


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Mining Ministress

Women we are taught are insinctive nurturers, protectors, carers and empathisers - more compassionate towards, and in tune with, the world. Which leads me to conclude that Sharon Shabangu, SA Minister of Mineral Affairs is actually a man. There is no other way to explain her nonchalant dishing out of prospecting licenses - putting vast swathes of pristine eco-sensitive environments under devastating threat - or the controversy after controversy that's wracking her department about personal…


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Talk On, Game Off!

Isn't the new World Cup Springbok Rugby TV ad brilliant? Uplifting, inspiring, exquisite!

- Fantastic CG animation, our team's kingpins socking it to all those critters who stand in their way, and the final brilliant payoff line - Game On! Fantastic!

A load of bollocks really. And bless the creators of the ad for making my brand bla bla point for me with animated style!

Two blogs ago, in…


Added by Strato Copteros on August 16, 2011 at 15:00 — 5 Comments

WomanPower Unleashed!

Almost a week after Women's Day and already in the middle of SA Women's month, the statistics on the abuse of women in our country remain frightening: One in nine of reported rape cases ever leads to successful prosecution and the estimates run as high as one in twenty ever being reported at all. 

Our disconnect between the most progressive gender-equality-promoting Bill of Rights on Earth, and an appalling track record of actual abuse against women is not just bizarre, it's wrong! We…


Added by Strato Copteros on August 15, 2011 at 16:30 — 4 Comments

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