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FestDay 2- Rebirth of Boogaloo

So one of you took me seriously yesterday - got jealous, got on a plane and came! Well done Dimitri!

Dimitri and I have done over half a dozen festivals together; and it doesn't feel like fest without him!

Now that's who arrived. What disappeared were the SunshiP posters - replaced by some other schlongs' who took mine down and put up theirs. Sneaky sneaky. The Gtown 10-day poster wars have begun. And while we all jockey for wall space and attention, the festival juggernaut…


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FestDay1 n the Fun's Begun!

It starts ... slowly ... a creative giant gently opening one eye to stare out at a world arriving to watch it groove! That's always the Grahamstown National ArtsFest's first day - the slumbering megatron of a billion bits of creativity now beginning to wake. In a week's time, the freshly woken creative gargantuan of today will be in full-on arts and culture overdrive, as it heads into its last weekend. But right now as the first weekend of fest begins to loom just above the horizon like the…


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Overnight Me to "Amazing"

So I've just collected my media accreditation for the Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2012. To use the festival's strap-line, "Welcome to Amazing" fundis! Quite nifty to have the world's second largest arts festival in my hometown, don't you think? Yep - only Edinburgh pips us; and this year's ArtsFest fringe programme is bigger even than the "burgh's".

The festival programme booklet that my media pack came with, is over 250 magazine pages long - with up to six individual offerings…


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Having just completed a monumental marking marathon of 120 assignments and 120 exam scripts, the greatest difference that struck me between students was not so much whether some had grasped the course content more than others, but how capable they were of articulating their knowledge. Ok - so it was Media Law & Ethics at university level. Certainly not everyone's cuppa coco. Of course the level of understanding would vary. The thing though, is that I got most of them into it - with a…


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