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Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month is over, perhaps we should reflect on how the disease impacts South African men and women every single day- 1 in 27 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, while male breast cancer accounts for 1% of all breast cancer cases – so it is applicable to me and you. 

Roche is taking steps to fight the…


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Younger- or Healthier?

Since medieval times, the quest for the Holy Grail – the vessel that held miraculous powers providing happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance- inspired many stories in literature. Today, the quest for youth, anti-ageing and keeping young is just as great, but like the Holy Grail, it is unattainable, realistically. Perhaps, if we…


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Products for a Smooth Summer- Filorga French Skincare

The truth is out- you really can't change the size of your pores overnight- but there is one thing you can do, and that's to change their appearance. And Filorga have come up with a product that literally does that- just in time for summer! As part of its new Flash makeup range, the French skincare company have come up with a second  makeup primer that…


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One Cart- the Smart way to shop!

When time is of the essence and you need to do groceries, pick up the dog food, get your preferred multivitamins from the pharmacy and face the dreaded queues before rushing back to work, perhaps you need a Plan B: a one-stop shopping experience, selecting goods from different stores, your supplies collected in one cart and promptly delivered to your door.…


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It's Panto time again! Janice Honeyman's Snow White

 Jozi's most loved end of year event has begun and it's bigger and better than ever! Joburg Theatre and Bernard Jay bring you Janice Honeyman’s Snow White, The Fairest Panto in All The Land,  until December 23rd-    


Ben Voss as the Evil Queen and Kiruna-Lind Devar as Snow White- photo by Enroc…


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Joburg Ballet- The Nutcracker

Joburg Ballet is leading the way into the festive season with a brand new production of The Nutcracker- a joyous, favourite and well-loved ballet, from 5 to 14 October at Joburg Theatre. Tchaikovsky’s enchanting music will be played live by the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, so this is a treat for all dance lovers- not to be missed!…


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Exuviance Facial- Spring into Summer!

I know that many people who are into skincare prefer to save their cash for a good product range, or budget wisely for the more active treatments that give them real results, for example a chemical peel, a mesotherapy or a microdermabrasion . But even if there is gratification with these valuable procedures that have you investing in your skin, I was thinking that perhaps the…


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Making Heliocare-while the Sun shines!

Let’s face it, our beautiful weather comes with many advantages- lunches al fresco, pool parties and loving the outdoors in any which way. However, the disadvantage is the awful lot of UVA/UVB rays to which we are exposed- rays that cause untold damage to our skins in the form of pigmentation, photoageing and ultimately skin cancer. And when your moisturizer…


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A sizzling, spectacular Cirque Infernal at Joburg Theatre

Joburg Theatre is proud to present Cirque Infernal, direct from Europe, on the Mandela stage from September 6th to September 23rd 2018. 

 There was a buzz on opening night, as word had got out that death defying acts would be a part of this show- and that was a fact! I was breathless and captivated from the…


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A Flash of Nude- Filorga does Make-Up!

It had to happen- at last, an anti-ageing, multi-correctional foundation with powerful, active ingredients that will help to boost skin quality while providing a beautiful coverage.

I have been testing the new Flash- Nude Fluid (in Nude Beige) for just over a week, in different ways, with different sunscreens/primers under it and I love it. Many well-known brands have…


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Bloom & Bliss- celebrating Nature in skincare

As far as skincare goes, I do love active ingredients, which may or may not be natural, depending on the brand, but this month I decided to go the au naturel way, as i came across a local manufacturer of 100% natural skin and hair care products. In fact, I was gifted their charcoal face soap by a friend six months ago and then I recently received a beautiful…


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Stanley Beer Yard reboots- Calexico is born!

The beloved and iconic Stanley Beer Yard from 44 Stanley, Milpark, has undergone a major makeover- a fusion of Americana in terms of  the décor, the food and music; there's edge, there's vibe, it's a blend of what Joburgers like to do- listen to music, talk, eat, drink- and the space is perfect- split level, with a choice of being inside or…


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Dermexcel- Medical-grade Skincare made in SA!

It's always very exciting to find and be able to write about brilliant products that are locally produced- one such brand is DermExcel, still relatively unknown, but bound to make a grand entrance once word gets around to skincare junkies like me!

Dermal Health was founded in 2016 as a speciality biotechnology company…


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Prime Time! Time Flash Express Smoothing Primer- Filorga

I love my skincare ritual, it’s my “me” time, but I have to admit that primer is a step I usually skip out, as once I have moisturized my skin, my makeup is very quick and easy (less is more!) and I’m usually out the door in about 5 minutes. I’m also fortunate that I don’t have many skin issues, such as acne scars ot texture that could possibly benefit from a thin layer of…


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Opa! There's a new Greek in town!

You simply have to head on over to Alice Lane and grab a table at Nikos Coalgrill Greek- a gorgeous, contemporary restaurant that offers traditional homestyle Greek cuisine, coalgrilled and absolutely fabulous! With a view of the sexy Sandton skyline, you can sip a beer at the end of the day and nibble on meze- and the selection is immense!

I just love the…


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It's a Hat Trick! Neostrata's Tri- Therapy Lifting Serum

Ok, so you know that  I rave about this brand, because quite simply, science is behind it. Their founders, Dr. Eugene van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, pioneered the discovery of active ingredients that have advanced the science of dermatology. Only when results are proven through rigorous studies, do they launch a new product, like this particular serum.…


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Of Bubbles & Bruts

The excitement mounts as the date for The Bubbly Festival draws near and Jozi’s Cap Classique lovers prepare their taste buds for a scintillating feast of champers and good food- while listening to live music at The Park, House of Events on 7. The event will be quite cosmopolitan, in that it will feature some of South Africa’s…


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Autumn Saviours

The change of season always plays havoc with various things- as the leaves fall abundantly everywhere, so your hair seems to want to mimic this plan of nature and you find that copious amounts of hair are alarmingly leaving your head. I usually try to put a stop to this arrangement by jumping in with immediate preventative measures- and these are old favourites- I bought these products myself, they are not sponsored at all.*…


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A Sultry Start to the Ballet Season- CARMEN

There is more than a modicum of excitement in the dance community at the moment, as for the first time in many years, Joburg Ballet will perform to live orchestral accompaniment, courtesy of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra. The season starts with South African Choreographer Veronica Paeper’s Carmen- from 6-15 April at…


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Firming up with Filorga

Premium skincare brand Filorga have recently launched their new range- Lift-structure- which is predominantly for tightening, firming and redensifying the skin. So if you’ve experienced loss of volume due to the gradual lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin, listen up…

What the Filorga labs have done is formulated Plasmatic Lifting Factors® (PLF)- a cocktail combining three types of active ingredients used in aesthetic injections: Cellular Factors,…


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