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A Preview preview


The shoe stores are preparing for the new spring/summer collections.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Preview store in Sandton, for a little pre-view of their soon to be launched summer range. I found myself in the store room, opening brand new boxes and discovering their treasures. One in particular is this Casadei. 


Technical details.

Sling back,…


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Sensuality of Shoes-part 2

"A woman’s beauty begins at her ankle, it has the shape of things to come."-shoelosophy











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Sensuality of Shoes

Shoelosophy notes: 'A shoe is like a scent, a smile, a movement. You don't wear it, you are it'-shoelosophy by Socrati.





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Fantasy World of Alexander McQueen

                  Extraterrestrial platforms

Shoelosophy notes: Alexander McQueen was more than a fashion designer. He was an artist who used the human body and fabrics as his canvas and treated fashion shows as theatrical performances. As head designer of the Alexander McQueen brand, he brought fantasy, abnormality, romance and…


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Kate Moss at Zuma

                               Kate Moss at Zuma restaurant in London 

Shoelosophy notes: Love these stiletto pointy pumps worn by Kate. They look like Louboutin to me (unconfirmed).


Kate wearing a python print dress




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Missoni Loves Havaianas

YOYÓ-CREATIVO, in collaboration with 5 ROOMS AGENCY, designed this nice packaging presentation for Missoni and Havaianas to make them feel less like a flip flop and more like a piece of art.

Shoelosophy notes:  (havaianas + Missoni) = I love!


source Design…


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Oscar de la Renta- Summer looks

                  Taken with instagram by Oscar PR Girl

Shoelosophy notes: Yes it is winter, but one has to have foresight and plan their wardrobe for summer!The above photo is part of the Oscar De La Renta summer collection. Cerise pink seems to be a trend going forward. Do I Love ? It's a little busy for me, but as with…


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Gasoline Glamour


Introducing the Chiquita Spike Shoes - 6 inch heel with a 2 inch platform.

Hand made to order with Swarovski stones.

Shoelosophy notes: Visually appealing, these will certainly get you all the attention you need.

There are times I like 'crazy' shoes, and this is one of those times. Worn in the correct context they could be…


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TWO launches Melissa Shoes 1

Two on 54, 6th street Parkhurst launches Mellisa Shoes.

Shoelosophy notes: 

I was fortunate to attend the launch of the Melissa shoes at Two last night. The store was buzzing with activity. Looking around I couldn't help but notice how nice the Melissa shoes actually look when worn. See the pic on the left? Well, I could not hold back…


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