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Five Benefits of Using A Hairdryer

Haircare is now a necessity and you need to maintain the health of your hair throughout the year. No hairstyle can make you look professional if you roam around with wet, frizzy or unkept hair. Therefore, after washing your hair, it is recommended that you blow-dry it before styling it. This is why a hairdryer is an important hair styling tool you…


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Everything you Need to Know About Preparing for Your Botswana Safari

You’re about to embark on your first Botswana safari and you’re likely to have several questions. What do you pack? What are the considerations you need to look over before booking Botswana safari tours? What are the common do’s and don’ts when going on a safari? If any of these questions sound familiar, continue reading for your very own Botswana safari guide.


What to pack

This list will only cover a…


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Why Timber is Used in Construction Projects

Timber has been an important part in the construction industry for years! It continues to be a lot more functional and a popular choice for architects and builders. Timber is quite a versatile material and a widely used building material, known for its thermal insulation and great load bearing ability. There are several timber manufacturers in South Africa who offer timber for use in different projects and purposes.

Timber is quite a…


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