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Review: The Brother in The Fridge

The Drill Hall was beautiful.
Rambling Bones, The Fridge and The Brother Moves On entertained before the DJ's brought the dawn. Its a testament to Rambling Bones' happy folk stylings that those confused kids who apparently didnt know what gig it was that they were attending, were soon bouncing around and singing along. Jay defeats my melancholic musical…

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Review: Nice in Parkhurst

Nice* in Parkhurst is an old favourite of mine, which makes this review slightly skewed and biased, but to be honest I dont care.

By chance I went there twice on two days, I had the same dish twice and both times ... delicious. I usually have the Poached eggs and bacon in a toast basket but this week I spread my wings, tried new things and had the salmon and scrambled egg toast basket. The eggs are light, moreish and delicious, the salmon... is salmon and therefore delicious and…


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Review: Lost & Found at 70 Juta


BamBam and NewClr launched their online stores tonight at the courtyard in 70 Juta. BamBam's focus was on shirts, caps and watches. NewClr's is on multi medium art.

Beautiful shirts, caps and watches and beautiful Multi Medium Art.

The works in the NewClr store itself are magnificent. I may be partial to skulls, wings and beautiful woman, but I know when something is beautiful for its…


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Review: Cool It (movie)

I saw Cool It at the Nouveau Cinema in Rosebank. 

I am generally sceptical about Global Warming doccies. I am a defeatist with regards to the planet, I think we are heading for disaster and we have no hope. We dont care enough and the people/countries/companies that matter truly dont give a damn.

So this film was an interesting change for me. I remain sceptical about our chances to "save the world" but it was still interesting to hear a person with a differing viewpoint to the…


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What to do Tonight. 24 November 2011

tonight at BamBam at 70 Juta from 5pm:


NewClr and Bam Bam are launching their online stores with a special event on Thursday 24 November. Lost&Found will feature an exhibition of prints and Tshirts along with a few other surprises. Everything will be on sale on the night so come and spend an evening under the city sky and check it out.

+ Prints by:


Lauren Fowler




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Muse Room at ROOM

Muse Room presented by ROOM

An exhibition of work by Waynne Barker and Don Searll. This exhibit is just wonderful, The curators of the ROOM let us in after closing time to allow us to enjoy it. Gladly explaining how it worked and what the pieces represented.

3D art to me can be tacky, gimmicky and unrefined. Sure there was an element of that here, but still it was so great to see. The theme…


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Review: Bokkie and the Moment in Time.

Sweetness revealed

I cannot express clearly enough what Bokkie and the Moment in Time do to me. I first heard them play in earnest at the beginning of the year at Love and Revolution in Melville. I was going through a break up at the time and I remember a sweet voice letting these jazz standards escape from Sian Eliots mouth. Like her voice was not a part of her. That the powerful voices those songs belong to had let go of the control and allowed her to take these…


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Review: Brickfields

The Brickfields Festival @ Carfax

This was nothing short of brilliant. I am a confessed live music junkie and I have little or no patience for dj’s (dont argue, its not live music). That said I was beautifully and wonderously transported by Felix Laband and Digital Rockit at Brickfields.

I was not on drugs, but they made me feel like I was. It might have been the people, the atmosphere the freezing cold temperatures outside, the strange ass jungle beats inside.



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Review: Robot Orchestra

The Robot orchestra at Wits was dissappointing.

The idea was that 3 music students compose music which they were being examined on, 2 Interactive Media students and one Electrical Engineer student would build and program robots to play the compositions.

It sounds awesome, especially if you like music and robots.

Stage was set with a number of drums including Timpanis as well as Tubular bells a xylophone and some cymbals. You might gather from those instruments that there…


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