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What to do this Saturday: Tallest Man on Earth ... The Black Cat Bones

With all due respect to my favourite South African band, The Black Cat Bones. There is really only one event to be going to this Saturday. 

Tallest Man On Earth, the Swedish Neo-Legend, comes to…


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Review: Motherland Coffee in Rosebank

Motherland is one of those coffee places that seem to pop up in Johannesburg. You know the kind, quite friendly, fair coffee, nice logo, warm colour scheme and in the end ... soulless. 


I feel a little bit bad about dissing them as they are really quite nice. However I have had enough of "quite nice" coffee shops. I want amazing cafe's, I want incredibly beautifully designed shops, I want an owner who is there making coffee, chatting, remembering my name and greeting me as I…


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Review: Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is outrageous. Its a festival that hits you from all sides, the firecrackers are uncomfortably loud and in your ear, the visuals are incredibly beautiful and the food is delicious. I loved every second of it.


The event starts officially at 6:30pm, however people party all day long. I arrived just before 6:30 at my favourite Chinese Resteraunt…


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Review: Marketing of JimmiJagga

JimmiJagga came to Melville a few nights ago to punt their wine cooler.  


It was an embarrassing nightmare 


Let me tell you how it went down. A quite attractive blonde woman came to our table at Cafe Mexicho and asked us whether we would like to try their beverage.  I thought it strange that she didnt go inside first to speak to the manager, but perhaps he/she had already been consulted. We had a look at the drink and though the packaging is classless and…


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Review: Neighbourgoods Market

It has taken me a long time to get around to reviewing the market. I really enjoy the place and tend to go every week. Whether I am there to meet friends or if I go alone I know that I will have a great time. 


So lets look at the positives:


  • The foods on display are varied and delicious
  • The drinks are interesting and abundant
  • The people are so interesting
  • The location is excellent, with the beautiful beer garden on the…

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Review: Nakhane Toure at Wolves

Nakhane Toure, the boy who silenced Wolves


I dont know how many of you have been to Wolves in Corlett Dr? Its one of my favourite spots, there is good cake, delicious beer, fun art, pretty people and good friends. It is however not an ideal venue for live music, it must be one of the most difficult places in Jozi to play. People dont pay…


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Review: To Hire a Nurse

To Hire a Nurse


I saw these guys about 2 years ago, I remembered loving them then and going online to hear some more. I found the odd song on Myspace and that was it. There is a track hiding on Youtube which you can see here. Perhaps it would be fun to read this post while listening to that track?


I was thinking over the weekend how to express the music they make and how it makes me feel.…


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Review: Golden Tiki Tattoos

Ah Tattoos


my joy, my addiction and my Aesthetic vision.


There are so many tattoo studios in Johannesburg that it becomes difficult to choose one that will do your tattoo the way you want it and in the style you want it. The best advice I could give is to simply ask people in the street who have great tattoos where…


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Review: Freedom Hair

There are many Hair Salons in Johannesburg's Northern Suburbs, in fact there are many in Parkhurst. There are none like Boydon Barnardo's Freedom Hair.


Walk down a little driveway in the quiet side of the suburb and you'll step into Boydens Salon, beautifully assembled with an antique barbers chair and other vintage items that he and his family have collected over the years. Boyden does everything himself, from washing your hair, cutting, colouring and then finally…


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Review: The Johannesburg Planetarium

The Planetarium, really?


Yes really, I was invited to the planetarium on friday night and I have to say I was simply gobsmacked at the good time I had. When I was a child we went there on school outings and I remember my neck killing me from looking up, whilst sitting on excruciatingly uncomfortable chairs made for adults. Now as an adult I am excruciatingly uncomfortable on the chairs as I am too tall for them. I…


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Review: Barista training at Università del Caffè del Sud Africa at Illy (pt 1)

Through the kind invitation from Neofundi I was treated to Barista training at the Università del Caffè del Sud Africa situated in the Illy Head office.


Illy is staffed by some of the friendliest people I have had the pleasure to meet in a business environment. The Barista tasked with…


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Review: Burial Street Halo EP

For the first review of 2012 I am breaking my rules, slightly. JoziReview is supposed to be all Jozi all the time. 


EP may seem very strange. Burial is from London and his new EP is dedicated to New York. I find it very difficult to listen to Street Halo and not think of Jozi. There are only 3 tracks which all clock in at over 6:20 which suits me fine, I like slow burning songs. 


The first track Street Halo breaks most of my rules for music I…


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Review: Dukes Burger joint in Greenside

Dukes is great.


I wish I could stop there, but obviously we need a little more than that.


To my shame I had never been to Dukes until last night. It was a lovely little shock to the system how good it was. I had always thought it was this little pokey hole in the wall without realising the massive outside section it has in the back. The front section is fairly "family dining" not necessarily intentionally, but the smoking…


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Review: Thesis Social Jam Sessions


I was introduced to this venue by a friend of mine from CT. How awful is that, I needed a person from CT to tell me about an amazing venue in Jozi. In fairness to me I am a whitey and the venue is in Soweto. 


Thesis is situated at 173 Machaba Drive in Mofolo…


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What to do Tonight: 2 December 2011

A lot of Man-Rock going on tonight at the Bohemian in Richmond.

JUGGERNAUGHT, THE BLACK CAT BONES and POSEIDON ADVENTURE will be makin some sweet, soul soothing, love makin, cock throb music for ya'll.

So come on down for the last one of the year.






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Review: Felix Laband Live


Felix Laband had a party on top of the Lister building, which is fast becoming one of my favourite venues in Jozi, to celebrate the possibility that he might have an album coming out. Yes a bizarre circumstance around which to have an event.

The top of the Lister or "PRIVATE PRACTICE" as people are insisting on calling it, I prefer "the top of Lister building myself, is always cold mid summer eve and its cold... 

The show was complimented by Danger Ingozi, Blk Jks…


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Review: Opinion (which he is entitled to) article by Jon Savage in SA Rolling Stone


Jon Savage

I would tell you more about him, but don't worry his own articles give his life story in excruciating detail so I don't need to. He has written an article for the Rolling Stone SA about the local music industry. This is what we think about it:


This is a revolting article.

This is of value "local is not lekker, lekker is lekker"…


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What to do tonight: 30th November 2011


We recently (positively) reviewed Felix Laband at the Brickfields event so his album launch today at the Lister should be fantastic.


He has lost none of his joyous light yet moody edge. Felix seems like he has been around forever and hopefully he'll be around a lot longer.



Lister building

19th floor

show starts…


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Review: The Frown - The National (video)


The Frown's video for their song The National. Is the best video I have seen since... ever.

This video ticks all my boxes. A good song, disturbing imagery, great post production, a visceral touch, a connection with the artist so close you feel like you are being damaged by them. I could/can/will leave out any opinion on the song. This video is an art piece that needs no music it tells its story and punishes you for watching. 

We start out watching a woman who is…


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Review: The Leopard

The Leopard in Parkhurst is a new place that I recently discovered. I am not sure as to how long it has been there but I cant think for very long.

The service is easy and friendly (with more beautiful waitresses) they currently have no liquor licence and cannot sell you wine by the bottle but the white by the glass was super.

There is an ease about the place and as more and more friends arrived to hang out. The more annoying my presence must have been as we…


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