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Review: Dukes Burger joint in Greenside

Dukes is great.


I wish I could stop there, but obviously we need a little more than that.


To my shame I had never been to Dukes until last night. It was a lovely little shock to the system how good it was. I had always thought it was this little pokey hole in the wall without realising the massive outside section it has in the back. The front section is fairly "family dining" not necessarily intentionally, but the smoking…


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Review: Thesis Social Jam Sessions


I was introduced to this venue by a friend of mine from CT. How awful is that, I needed a person from CT to tell me about an amazing venue in Jozi. In fairness to me I am a whitey and the venue is in Soweto. 


Thesis is situated at 173 Machaba Drive in Mofolo…


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What to do Tonight: 2 December 2011

A lot of Man-Rock going on tonight at the Bohemian in Richmond.

JUGGERNAUGHT, THE BLACK CAT BONES and POSEIDON ADVENTURE will be makin some sweet, soul soothing, love makin, cock throb music for ya'll.

So come on down for the last one of the year.






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Review: Felix Laband Live


Felix Laband had a party on top of the Lister building, which is fast becoming one of my favourite venues in Jozi, to celebrate the possibility that he might have an album coming out. Yes a bizarre circumstance around which to have an event.

The top of the Lister or "PRIVATE PRACTICE" as people are insisting on calling it, I prefer "the top of Lister building myself, is always cold mid summer eve and its cold... 

The show was complimented by Danger Ingozi, Blk Jks…


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Review: Opinion (which he is entitled to) article by Jon Savage in SA Rolling Stone


Jon Savage

I would tell you more about him, but don't worry his own articles give his life story in excruciating detail so I don't need to. He has written an article for the Rolling Stone SA about the local music industry. This is what we think about it:


This is a revolting article.

This is of value "local is not lekker, lekker is lekker"…


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