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Vintage Vuitton- The Ultimate Statement Piece

We are all familiar with this print, a symbol of refined luxury, sophistication and style- the Louis Vuitton monogram. What is interesting is how this French powerhouse began in the 1800s…


Louis Vuitton…


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Haute Travel- My European Luxe List

I have just returned from an epic 50 days of European Summer! Inspired by my travels and love of hotel design, I wanted to share the amazing hotels I stayed at and 2 that I wish I could’ve… I really love boutique hotels for their quircky design edge, intimacy and attention to detail, most of the featured hotels are smaller but don’t lack in the luxe department! I hope you…


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Spatial Poetry

This was the inspiration…


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Design Crush – Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler started off his career as a semiotics and art history student but spent most of his time doing pottery, his Rhode Island School of Design professor told him that he had no talent and should move to New York to become a lawyer… So he moved, couldn’t keep an assistant job and reverted to his love of pottery. He taught classes for free studio space, developed a…


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Scandinavian Design by Chiara

 Cocooned in a soft palette of monochrome, shearling throws and natural timbers- the Scandinavian interior aesthetic is easy, casually sophisticated and oh so livable! As we approach Autumn, I’m really feeling this homely vibe… Here are some images that stood out to me, I hope you enjoy!



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The Glam Factor

I’m so tired of the modernist restraint, the focus on form and function and enough white empty spaces hardened by glass and steel to make me want to jump out of a window. I like a bit of ott, a little shishi, a little oolala, I say More Is More! This blog pays homage to the gold on gold, the #allblackeverything, the animal print, some sparkle, faux fur for our Peta pals, French bubbles…


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Chiara on Missoni Magic

 The design power house which we instantly associate with the iconic zig zag, bold colour combinations and exquisite weaves was founded by Rosita Missoni in 1953 as a knitwear workshop, and the label was first presented in Milan in 1958.…


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So Retro Right Now

I was so captivated by the cool factor of a Retro Clifton Bungalow featured in the December/January 2015 Elle Decoration  Inspired and very jelly, I searched for some of my favourite Retro finds……


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We’ve got the Blues Baby

Feeling very drawn towards these deep tones which add sophistication and a very cool contemporary edge to your space or wardrobe, blue is It.  The silhouette of these Tom Dixon armchairs is absolute perfection- sleek, refined and very glam, and in this teal tone NO WORDS!…


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Jeff Koons

My fascination with contemporary sculpture has led me to this absolute genius. Quirky, fearless and devoted to his craft, here is my favourite selection of Koons’ work and story…

He rose to fame in the mid 1980s in a media saturated art scene.  He became known for his…


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Copper Crushing

My metallic of choice, copper gives warmth in its notes of rose gold and is so on trend! Here are some of my favourite copper accent accessories.


I’ll let you in on my new favourite design site which I literally stalk on Instagram- Design Twins. A Sydney based company whose main medium is concrete, hand make everything.  Here is their Harden Up Cup, which is set in recycled moulds, and is also available in a range of crushed cups for an unconventional style.…


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Bon Anniversaire Bourgie! The 10 year Birthday Celebration of Kartell's Iconic Lamp

Designed in 2004 by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell, the Bourgie lamp has become a symbol of the synthesis of styles and eras- the eclectic concept that is taking from the past and reinterpreting the design in form and modern production. We've all come to love this luxe light whose idea was inspired from an antique Baroque candelabra with…


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Chiara - Decadently Dark

Winter has officially arrived and the cold has me drawn towards dark & moody decor. Think rich intense colours, opulent accessories and luxurious fabrics, often masculine but always sophisticated!


This lounge area (above) by interior designer Kara Mann plays with natural and organic elements and quite subdued tones of browns, greys and plums. Its appeal is in its…


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Delos Dreaming


I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Cape Town last week, and high on my design hit list was the incredible Delos store at the old St Mary’s school in Woodstock. I knew I was in for a treat but nothing could prepare me for this treasure trove!

Specialising in sourcing chandeliers and feature light…


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A Return to Opulence- Romance in the French Riviera

I would like to begin my very first blog for neofundi by introducing myself. My name is Chiara, I am an interior designer and have my own design company called Luca Designs. I am so excited to have been given this opportunity to share what inspires me in my trade and life with like minded, design…


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