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Stranger Than Fiction, chocolate chip cookies

I have become the poster child for getting divorced in your 20's. I have an extra-mural for each night of the week and I'm quite sure that Carry Bradshaw and her band of skanks would have a shrine to my efforts somewhere in their over permed and preened corner of…


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South China Dim Sum




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My favourite summer salad

2012, the year of the dragon, is said to be one of immense change for almost everyone. While I'm still an undecided astrologer, always reading the insert but adding a healthy serving of cynicism to the appraisal, the year has started off promisingly. …


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Wellingtons Day

The clock struck midnight on the eve of 2012 and PR companies everywhere clinked their glasses of bubbly and cued the Valentines Day releases without a single verse of 'Old Lang Syne'. Seems that everyone is trying to lure couples out to be fed and watered, a tradition many breeders still wish to follow. I'm sue that each establishment will also be so kind as to arrange a…


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Angel Fish with a spinach and feta crust

It really has been a long time since I last blogged but I'm sure you'll all agree that life has a way of taking over sometimes. I've also been flitting about the country a tad. No, I don't need meds. I promise. …


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El Burro's Summer Menu

There are only few spots I would consider eating at on a weekly basis and one such place is @_El_Burro. It’s a combination of Nic and Rene and their bevy of amazing staff, coupled my craving for flavourful, spicy food (like that of my people) that drew me back week after…


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WIN a case of Shiraz from Caroline's Wine Warehouse


Every so often I get an email that makes me think "I would want to win this". This was one of them...

"Caroline Rillema is the “Grand Damme” of South African wine and sells high quality wine from her stores in the V&A Waterfront and in the Cape Town CBD. In December, she launched…


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La Mouette: A new menu for November


I met Mari and Chef Henry at the very first Twitterati Party last summer. Their space, La Mouette, had recently opened and the Captonian sunshine was giving them (and us) a welcome that…


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Corner Cafe 2011

I'm often found visiting my folks in Durban and every time I'm here I make a point of visiting The Corner Cafe. I've written about the specific's…


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Sumo de laranje

I was eating a beautiful orange and I took some great pictures. Here's my thought and the images. Let me know what you think.

As I pealed the the pith from the orange, I felt the light spray of citrus oil and sweet juices hit my nose. The spritz got onto my glasses. And I smiled. It was one of my stop-to-smell-the-oranges moments and I was enchanted.

The fact that I unwrapped…


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Fresh Living for Christmas?


Pick n Pay's food magazine, Fresh Living, has put together a collection of 140 of your favourite recipes that have been featured over last four years. Justine Drake and her team really have done an immaculate job of presenting every-day meal ideas that are always beautifully written and shot with a glut-inducing…


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Celebrating Stellies

Contrary to most Capetonian belief,  Jo'burgers are actually interested in wine. There are fewer options on the average wine list and simply due to location, the garden variety Jo'burg dweller doesn't get access to the romance of the vineyard or the passion of the winemaker. Until now... 


The glory of the Stellenbosch winelands is making an appearance here in Jozi by…


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Artichoke and roasted garlic soup


Thanks to @SamWoulidge, I am currently reading Julie&Julia and loving it. While I loved the Meryl Streep incantation, in…


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The Attic

Parkhurst has become one of my favourite spots in Jozi. It's strip of eateries and bars and on Saturday even, it was epic. The energy, the tables on the street, the people in top hats and 1920's gear (the birthday party at the next table) - all made the night one to remember. I had no idea Jo'burg was capable of a vibe quite as effortlessly crisp as that. 
I had dinner at The…

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Good Housekeeping magazine in SA

Good Housekeeping has finally launched in SA. I unfortunately missed the launch yesterday morning because I lost all my calendar info when I upgraded to iOS5 but from what I gather it went off rather well.

Good Housekeeping is about providing practical solutions to everyday issues that those in the home…


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Food & Film at the Freeworld Design Centre

If you're in Cape Town in November I urge you to take a visit to the Freeworld Design Centre. Besides being an oasis of spacial inspiration and emancipated thought, they will be hosting a Food…

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House Ivorian


Being in Jozi has swung my senses wide open to a few wiles not found in The Mothered City. One such experience happened the other night when I dined at a house in Yeoville. House Ivorian to be precise, which is the local Cheers Bar for the Ivory Coast residents of the area. Men with drums and a triangle made out of a Black Label quart bottle sang and danced, which made the place feel…


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The Leopard


My decision to move to Jo'burg was a swift one. I resigned on Monday and was in GP by Saturday evening. [insert something profound about seizing the day here]. But since I arrived,…


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