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Cheatin' Heart...

We’re all so well-groomed for the behaviour. Social conditioning. Its in every bloody song and movie. People lie. People cheat. People can’t remain faithful.


Or not.

Maybe it’s the whole surge of Social Media. “Joe Smith is in a complicated relationship.” “Hey @marriedgirl, just saw @joesmith leaving Bungalow with @thatslut #wtf”


It’s just that we’re all so goddamn busy. Do we have time?? Or the bloody energy?? I’m…


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Going Dutch...

“You don’t know me so this is going to sound really shallow. The reason why I’m single is because, based on previous heartbreak, I won’t date a man who earns less than me.”


I paused to absorb what the woman I’d just met had said. I completely and utterly agreed with her, and realised the taboo of admitting something that 90% of my girlfriends feel emphatically.


Why is it considered shallow to announce that you just won’t date a man who…


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