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Must Love Canines...

For all intensive purposes, I am a rural lass. A lot of my childhood was spent playing in long grass, minding the snakes, and running with the dogs in the opposite direction of where the baboons were.


Time spent between farms and the beach just aren’t the same without big, blustery, rascally canines.


This is the same for everyone, right?


Wrong. Dating and Dogs. Not the homosapien type. I used to think I’d never date a guy…


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You’re losing control: your face is looking a bit Munster-ish, your tongue isn’t polishing off those vowels quite as desired, and… well… people are starting to stare.


Dating Under the Influence. It should be a felony.


I’ve always loved my alcoholic beverages. I think it’s something to do with my Scottish heritage (or, at least, that’s what generations of us have blamed it on).


A Muslim best friend of mine…


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