Candy Paula May's Blog – March 2013 Archive (2)

Deservability Complex...

Just another typical girls night. Just another debrief with a fellow Monkey about life, love and shoes.

Conversation turns to some of our girlfriends, the ones who got sidetracked on the Love Highway with some, well, accidents.

We all have a right to make mistakes. Yes, some are bigger than others. And some keep repeating themselves like a bad steak and kidney pie.

Sea Monkey and I (aka Tree-swinging Monkey) made all our…


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Miss Anderson...

“Oh no, we understand. You like men. You just like them to look a certain way and behave a certain way… Bearded, musician, successful arty types who have a great relationship with their mothers.”

Gay male says with sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

Me: “But…Well, we all do, right?”

Beautiful 23 year old man: “It’s the female version of misogyny. Misanderism. The hatred or dislike of…


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