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Juxtapoz 2012 Xaudry Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki starts off the New Year with gracing the cover of the first issue of “Juxtapoz” for 2012. Audrey is known for her oil in wood works which embrace innocence but also erotic essence. Her work is attractive and stunning in its own way. As a graduate of Fine…


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The Fork - Cable Organizer

All technological devices make use of some sort of cable, whether it be the cell phone charger, the computer monitor cable or even your external hard drive cable. These cables get in the way, they gather dust and most of the time i really do see myself…


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Snail Trail - Laser Sculpture Animation By Philipp Artus

Known as snail trail, this short film laser animation, designed by German artist Philipp Artus is based on the process of exponential acceleration which one can observe at different levels. I found this quite intriguing as he uses evolution of life as his conceptual platform for the…


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Construction And Design Manual Of Architectural Photography

For those of you who are interested in photography, then this one is for you. A manual on architectural photography gives an in depth look into all of the issues surrounding the art of graphic documentation. And if you are one that is not into architectural photography, I’m pretty sure that you will still benefit…


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The New CT-S EV Scooter

The new CT-S Scooter is an electronic scooter designed by Goldberg Boris and inspired by the philosophy of Lexus’s innovative L-FINESSE. It’s fun, compact and agile, featuring only the best state of the art technology. This CT-S Scooter has been crafted from aerospace lightweight carbon fiber; the body speaks of…


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Adidas Social Media Shoe By Nash Money

World renowned sporting goods company and unforgettable trademark “Adidas” has collaborated with British Designer Nash Money to recreate a pair of tennis shoes named “Adidas Barricade”. Yes you are probably thinking more sporting shoes…bla bla bla…if you are I am going to take my time to correct you. This pair of…


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Fallen Leaf Sofa Jbomers Design

Ok so I must admit that they could have used a better colour palette but it really does look comfortable. Dutch company Jbomers design has extended their “bomers” series – into a range of furniture fashioned in the form of a fallen leaf. The sofa resembles a leaf that has just fallen from a tree, settled gracefully on the earth below. The…


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Smart Media Shower

Known as le terme and designed by Fei Chung Billy Ho, this stainless steel structure features an antibacterial cypress wood base and OLED interactive glass panels. Le terme represents the innovation of our 21st century technological era that we are currently trying to come to terms with. This new generation of shower room boasts luxury and…


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iTypewriter - Typewriter For iPad

It’s a typewriter, but not just any one, its been designed to suit the ipad. The iTypewriter is a creative innovation that stems from the art of centuries ago, combining it with the world of today's technology. Users can enjoy the feeling of typing and also the latest technology. For some specific group of users, this product provides and…


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Beibeees | Ink Portraits by Alberto Seveso

“The passion for graphic arts started in my young years, from my passion I started to think about how one would reproduce graphics on skateboards and covers of music CD’s of metal bands” states Alberto Seveso. And this my friends was the beginning of his career in the world of freelance design. His works that I have featured here…


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It' All About Facebook

Every morning I wake up, freshly made coffee in hand and I begin my facebook rounds, whether it be games or chats or even seeing what’s new and happening. Wouldn’t it be better to do all of this on the move I ask? Well now you can, with the Blue Experience Facebook phone. Purely developed for newly developed facebook apps that work beautifully on a dedicated facebook…


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11 Laptop Bags Fit For The New MacBook Pros

I’m sure that we all…ok let me rephrase, I’m sure that most of us have heard about the release of Apple’s update to the MacBook Pro Line. Featured here are some gadget accessories that are functional and far from boring. If you are looking for a sleek and structured bag or one that is kind of over the top with regards to colour…


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Luminous Pipe Lighting

I definitely had to take a second look at these, for a split second I didn’t know what they were…until I read on and found out that this is really a genius idea…no need to keep upgrading your lighting appliances, you can do it yourself.  E-M – Electronic Melody Lamp was designed by Fuming Wu and is a splendid piece of design that is made from…


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Street Smart

There are so many times that lights hurt my eyes and make me feel sick, I think that the world should start moving forward to simpler and smarter designs such as Igor Solovyov’s design, this minimal LED street lamp takes shape in the form of smart design. The steel and aluminum-cast lamp reaches upwards with a slight curve at the top, this has been designed in a way that there…


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The Power Play Continues

A phenomenal and useful product that will take the world by storm! Designed by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu and Xiameng Hu, this brand known as Continuance is a set of batteries with a USB interface on the side. The batteries are rechargeable and allow enough power to those gadgets that have been starved for a while.…


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Inverted Illumination

Designed by Michael Samoriz and known as the flower Barb, this lamp is unlike most others, it features a combination of sleek plates that extend backward from the apex. Many lamps nowadays have a tendency to open in the direction of the light, but this one has a focused LED at the center point that is perfect for any working…


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Cinderella Glasses By Mikiya Kobayashi

Have you ever wondered what the world of art and fashion combined would look like on a pair of glasses? Well, I most certainly have. Mikiya Kobayashi, a Japanese designer joined creative forces with art director Ryota Sakae in order to combine the essence of fashion and art. Known as “Cinderella”, these vivid and fashionable glasses…


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Inverted Space Molecules

The duo Bigert and Bergstrom explore a unique type of spatial representation in these installations, known as “Inverted Space Molecules”. By using digital panoramic stitching, the artistic duo wrap photographs around internally-lit spherical objects. Through the use of interconnecting the photo globes, they are able to create these…


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Lamborghini Shoes

Even though these classy, stylish shoes are concepts and might never make it into production, they are really amazing to look at and drool over. These shoe prototypes were modeled after Superleggre and Reventon models and although they might not look too comfortable to wear, who cares, I mean look at what Daphne Guinness wears! Both sets of shoes are finished and perfectly crafted with…


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London Olympics 2012: The Look Of The Games

But one thing that I do understand about this year’s one, is the amount of design, planning, concepts and extraordinary aspects that have come from it. What makes this post great is the fact that you can actually get a feel and look at each element that has played a huge role in making the Olympics what it is today! Here I will show you some of the designs that…


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