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Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 - Preview

Fall Beginnings – Kicking off the fall campaign rush, Louis Vuitton taps Steven Meisel for a slightly reserved take on the autumn collection. Starring Zuzanna Bijoch, Daphne Groeneveld and …


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Handmade Leather Accessories

Leather Iphone Pouch


Landmarks & Lions specializes in handmade accessories for men and women.

Their range of products include cases for your iPad, iPhone, or laptop, as well

as wallets for your passport or business cards.They use a luxuriously soft lambskin, sleek goatskin, 100% wool felt, and/or cotton canvas…


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Pothole Project

Most of the time, we try to avoid potholes. If we do end up driving over them, we get angry. Instead of being frustrated about the whole experience, Montreal-based Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano decided to give us a reason to laugh at the annoying holes in the streets.

The husband and wife duo asked their friends to get involved, and together, they started coming up with some amazingly…


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Pep Guardiola - The Best Dressed Man on the Field

Tonight may be all about Manchester vs Barcelona, but one of the major attractions to the millions of female fans is Mr Cool himself, Pep Guardiola. His styling is impeccable, trademark thin tie, suits, pointy hand made shoes and of course seldom will he be shaven.

Pep Guardiola has a close friendship with the Catalan fashion designer Toni Miró, for whom he already ran on the…


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Greek Vogue June 2011

Proving that classic looks never go out of style, model Charlott Cordes dons stunning outfits by Valentino, Chanel, Emilio Pucci and others in this gorgeous editorial. Shot by Koray Birand for Vogue Hellas' June issue, the 23-year-old German model strikes subtle poses in a spring garden. With just the right amount of lighting, this editorial is elegant and timeless.…


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Spring 2011 Accessorize - SOLAR POWER


           Find more photos like this on…

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Cut Chair Stands on One Leg

“Cut Chair” by designer Peter Bristol is a chair that mysteriously remains upright despite the fact that three of the legs have been cut away. 




And now for the solution to the seemingly magic chair:

A support structure hidden underneath the remaining leg makes it possible.…


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The SA Music Awards 2011

Liquideep, music duo, walked away with two awards, the album of the year -'Fabrics of the Heart' and duo/group of the year award. Click on video to view 'Alone' from the fantastic winning album.


For more on liquideep, click on link for their website .


Kwaito star Professor scooped up the best kwaito album and male artist of the year award. The album 'University…


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Breakfast Interrupted

Breakfast Interrupted is a one minute long video, shot primarily with the Phantom HD Gold 1000fps, the piece is designed to showcase food in beautiful and unusual way. The sequence shows a breakfast buffet being ejected from the table. The video was made by the motion studio Bruton Strouble. You can learn more about them on their…


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YSL: L’Amour Fou

                Pierre Thoretton's Film Explores the Legendary Designer's Greatest Passions.

You can view video on the Nowness site, click here.

Capturing Yves Saint Laurent's rapturously received spring ‘58 debut for Dior and a selection of the designer's show-stopping bridal gowns…


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Globe-Trotter Centenary Suitcase

This sturdy, vintage inspired piece of luggage would make any trip a stylish travel experience. Each piece is entirely hand-made using Vulcan fibre. What makes me truly appreciate these suitcases, is that they continue to be made in the same way since their invention in 1850. The original Victorian machinery is used to this day.…


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Lady GagaCovers V Magazine

Take a look at Gaga in V for more, Vmagazine .


You may also want to take a look at a…


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Gisele Launches her Own Lingerie Line

The most famous super model, Gisele Bundchen, launches her own lingerie range. The ex Victoria's Secret model, appeared before the Brazilian underwear label Hope's 45th anniversary fashion show on May 12, in Sao Paulo. The line will be called Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimates. Gisele is still on contract as the face (and body) of Hope, but she will not appear in the catalogue for…


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This Year's 10 Biggest Movies in Lego Form


What is it about those brightly colored plastic blocks that always seems to conjure up fond memories of our childhood? Old Red Jalopy did an outstanding job of making them relevant by creating this summer's blockbuster movie posters all in Lego-style. They're so well done, they'll make you wish the movies were…


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Conceptual Photography by John Wright-Part 2

Yesterday I showed some photos of celebrated photographer John Wright. Here is a selection of some of his work with celebrities such as Michael Jackson and U2.



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Conceptual Photography by John Wright

John Wright is a superb and talented photographer who's shot modern-day rock and roll royalty like U2, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. At 42 years old, he hails from Glasgow but works and lives in Los Angeles. Coming from a working class background and, despite the fact he's now working in the field of celebrity photography he still stays true to his roots saying, "What I do…


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The Swimsuit that Outraged-Australian Fashion Week

Australian swimwear company Lisa Blue, caused an outrage on the catwalk during Australian fashion Week. The swimsuit featured a print representation of Lakshmi Devi, a Hindu goddess. 

Lisa Blue's official apology, "We would like to offer an apology to anyone we may have offended and advise that the image of Goddess…


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A Forest and a Splash of Colour

TIJI "COLOUR" HD from AKAMA on Vimeo.


As a black and white forest is beautifully painted, a lone panda is forgotten, sparking the compassion of an imaginative little boy.

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The Art of the Automobile

The renowned Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is celebrating one the most celebrated personal car collections in the world-that of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren

Acting as a visual timeline of the evolution of European automobile design through the…


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