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Making Sense Of Me

A couple of years ago I was feeling sorry for myself-I can't even remember why, that’s how ridiculous my problems are. But even so, when your smile is missing, you will do anything to get it back. How I get over hiccups is I write myself letters from my inner self to my outer self, 'outer self' also goes by the name 'ego'.

Please note I don’t have a photographic memory, I have a…


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Chasing Images

Che Guevara, Brigette Bardot, Jane Birkin and Brigette Bardot


I always love taking photographs when I am at parties, especially when someone gives me their expensive camera, my whole personality…


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Secret Meetings

At least once a week all over the world married people and serious couples get an invitation to a private  location. This location changes at random. It is a very well kept secret and they can smell a fraud a mile away, that is why no one has been able to infiltrate these meetings, and only now 40 years later suspicions are confirmed.

These meetings have only one goal  “how to save the single people”.


There are many of these underground groups all over…


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Poem - Advice To My Friend

"The gentle flame will keep you warm

When you realise you're not alone,

And when the realisation rings true

That's when God is holding you.


Be the same person you are…


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Trying To Get An 'A'

A Great teacher is someone whose words and actions are as natural as one foot taking a step and the other foot the next step, making it possible to move gracefully from one point to the next without hesitation or thought.

Unfortunately we have become arrogant and judgmental even unimpressed with anyone that does not look a certain…


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Winter Wonderland

Winter-I wonder-land


What is it about winter that makes us want to eat more and do less. A warm bed is like a mothers hug, when the other kids don’t want to play with you, and the only thing that can bring you comfort is in your moms arms.

A hot soup fills all the crevices of your vessel, and makes you feel like winter could be your favourite season (please note this feeling goes away after 45min to an hour) wondering what can I eat next? where has all the…


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A Pod, a Coffee and an Egg

Natasha (from tashas) called me on Sunday night asking me if I felt like going to Cape Town for a couple of days, she had to go for work and she had an extra ticket. Needless to say I went home packed a bag and off I went. We landed,  went to Avis got a car and went straight to Constantia, were Natasha just opened her latest franchise store. Obviously the place was packed so I went to sit at Vida for a while. Natasha then went to a meeting and I went with Savva(her brother) and the rest of…


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The Hourglass


I was sitting in the room, listening to my iPod when my eye caught a glimpse of the hourglass on the shelf, and this is how it started...

Time is of no consequence and of every consequence. I started imagining people as hourglasses, some have just begun, some are mid way and others are almost over. Our grain slowly and steadily flows, with no emotion, no judgment, no…


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Martin Luther King Jr

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr, wrote a speech that changed the world forever, he inspired a nation then and 48 years later his words still echo a truth that can not be ignored. I have changed just a few words to make it about all of us. He was a man that stood for love and justice for all.  

This is why I am sure he would not mind my editing one of his most famous…


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Scribbles In My Moleskine


"Dont take life so seriously,

Have fun, be kind

Enjoy the scenery



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I read the saying somewhere, “Find what you love doing and do more of it”, my mind immediately jumped to freezos.

I have one everyday, the enjoyment that it gives me is up there with a plane ticket in my hand or a head massage at the hairdresser-okay maybe a plane ticket trumps all others because it usually means a start of another adventure. Let me replace that with a great song on the radio allowing me to sing my debut. The next thought I had was - too…


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Sneaker Pimp

Attention all sneaker folks, I am not sure if you have noticed the coolest sneakers in town!  It feels like we have been transported back to a time when “cool “ did not even know what cool was. There are walking sneakers, fashion sneakers then there is the chosen sneaker, a sneaker that has an air about it, it’s not the loudest, nor the richest, does not try to be the coolest, because…


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Leonardo and the Hot Chocolate

When I was in London a couple of years ago I wanted a hot chocolate fix from 'caffe NERO', so I started walking - those of you who know me, know that I can walk for hours in the streets mesmerised by my surroundings. I passed many different coffee franchises on the way that also offered great hot chocolates, which made me laugh at my stubbornness to find the perfect one. Finally a couple of hours later a smile came across my face and like Indiana Jones when he finds his treasure, I too had…


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A Sage Beside Me

I often look back at all the great people that once were. Their wisdom inspiring those who took the time to listen. They come from all walks of life: a politician; a nurse; a carpenter's son; an artist; a poet; and an uneducated daughter...these are just some that have been documented and only a fraction of what I stumbled upon.

Since the beginning of time there have been great…


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Tips on Jean Savvy

How you know your jeans are perfect:

A: When you can button them with ease.

B: When you sit and there is no plumber in site...(see p.s. below)

C: After a meal they remain zipped and breathing is as it was before the burger.

D: When the low crotch new style jean still allows you to climb and…


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Imagine Maslow's Suprise

Maslow's Pyramid is a pretty accurate diagram of self discovery.  For me the only thing that’s missing is the importance of music.  He forgot to mention it in “Safety”, when a mother sings a lullaby to comfort a child. In “Love and Belonging” when a lover dedicates a song to express what he cannot. In “Esteem” when a song brings a smile to your day, and of course, in “Self Actualization” when the whole world vibrates in perfect harmony.…


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Po's Poem

“ So I speak to who will listen,

Who will hear what I have to say,

Without judging me, for what I do

Or with whom, I stand today


In my life I’ve learned some lessons

And some went over my head,

All I’m saying is I’m still standing

And that means that I’m okay


I will not point a finger against you

Can you promise me the same?

I do not wish harm to come to you

For like me you too have…


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A Slippery Memory















A close friend of mine gave me a pair of slippers as a gift the other day.  She loves to give thoughtful gifts - slippers…


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The Perfect Fit

I am always looking for the perfect pair of jeans.

I am not sure when the need to find the perfect fit, the coolest style and the right colour became an obsession.  You might think it's easy, but let me tell you looks are not everything. Imagine you spot a  guy and he looks like Matthew McConaughey, in how to "Loose a Guy in Ten Days”. You go over to talk to him and the conversation turns him from hero to zero in 10min flat.  That's the same exact feeling I get when I pick a pair of…


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