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Emma Watson for Vogue July 2011


Emma Watson’s New Day – Cover girl Emma Watson stars in the July issue of Vogue US, donning standout fall pieces from the likes of Miu Miu, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen. Lensed by Mario Testino with styling by Camilla Nickerson, Emma exudes elegance and glam in the mature portraits.



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Tom Ford Launches New Cosmetic

The designer is set to expand his limited beauty line into a full makeup and skin care line, consisting of 132 pieces, with launch dates scheduled later this year. Two new fragrances will also be unveiled, so we’re expecting more FiFi awards to be won by the Tom Ford Beauty brand.


For such a creative fashion talent whose eye for aesthetic perfection is…


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Picking The Right Breakfast When Training

"Picking the right breakfast will not only help with muscle building

but also fill you with energy for the day ahead - a perfect pick-me-up."


Kick-starting your morning with a healthy breakfast is…


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Furniture From Discarded Material


German designer Michael Wolke takes discarded material and constructs furniture from them, like this expandable shelving system and bench storage from bicycle tubes:
And wall-mounted clothes rack from a shopping…

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The Eyes Never Lie

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A Pod, a Coffee and an Egg

Natasha (from tashas) called me on Sunday night asking me if I felt like going to Cape Town for a couple of days, she had to go for work and she had an extra ticket. Needless to say I went home packed a bag and off I went. We landed,  went to Avis got a car and went straight to Constantia, were Natasha just opened her latest franchise store. Obviously the place was packed so I went to sit at Vida for a while. Natasha then went to a meeting and I went with Savva(her brother) and the rest of…


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Jack Daniel's-Goes Minimal


Jack Daniel’s has redesigned its iconic wordy label, opting instead for a cleaner, less cluttered look, according to The Wall Street Journal. Significantly, the boasts of medal wins are gone in the new version, replaced by an updated “About Us” and a portrait of Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel himself:



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Victoria's Secret Models Backstage

Probably shot by the lens of Russell James (unconfirmed), the photographs reveal a magic allure and sensuality that is not usually seen from Victoria's Secret ad campaigns. The models seem relaxed with a playful, cheeky attitude. …


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Wonderful Gifs - Mike Pecci

As I have said before, I love Gifs. I find them fascinating. I have run a series on Cinemagraphs part 1 and part 2, which you may want to see first.

I came across Mikes Pecci's…


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Sam Edelman Campaign S/S 11

Kemp Muhl stars in the new campaign for Sam Edelman S/S 2011.

Shoelosophy notes: Not many of us…


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Breaking News: Apple’s next big thing

Hayibo, South Africa’s riposte to The Onion, one of my favourite sites for news as it could be, is back and better. And this time they have fixed on Apple’s constant reinvention of products we already have. As a huge Apple fan I too can’t help wondering when the thrill of a new device will wear off – that after an iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook and an iOverdraft.

This is breaking…


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Navy & Nude Shoes


These have just been launched by Mango internationally.

Technical details:

Round-toe retro style pumps with a 12cm heel and a 3cm platform.

100% goat leather, covering heel and the platform.


Shoelososhy notes:

They  conform with the 'nudes' summer trend, the heel and platform is commercial and…


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Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe


Individually, these A-list actors, musicians, politicians, and businessmen are stars in their own right, but put them together and suddenly these candid shots, of two or more celebrities hanging out, become all that more epic. …


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Top 10 All TIme Favourite Superheroes


No.1 Superman

First Appearance: Action Comics No. 1, June 1938

Archenemies: Lex Luthor, General Zod, Brainiac, Parasite, Metallo, Doomsday

Superman was the very first mainstream superhero, and he is also the most powerful. No other character comes close in terms of…


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Kiss, Blush and Tell: Giveaway Time!


Finally it is here. …


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GIVE AWAY- Swedish Massage


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To Read more on Petticoat Parlour click on the pic…


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Petticoat Parlour - Spotlight

On seeing this 50's inspired Beauty Salon in Green Point, Cape Town, we had to take a closer look. Petticoat Parlour is a funky, retro, social salon which offers a wide range of treatments for teens and adults including men. The brainchild of Wendy Sarria, model, mother and now pamper queen to Cape Town's trendy. Last night was the official launch party with an amazing guest…


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Eco Friendly Coke Packaging


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Alexander McQueen- Savage Beauty

“You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.”

—Alexander McQueen............................................................................................

The exhibition, organized by The Costume Institute, celebrates the late Alexander McQueen’s…


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