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TWO launches Melissa Shoes

This Brazilian shoe manufacturer is responsible for a whole new fashion philosophy. Caring for style,beauty as well as the environment, the range goes "green", with shoes created out of recyclable materials including Melflex a type of plastic providing extra comfort. So versatile-wear them to the beach,or with stylish outfits just like Katy Perry…


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South Africa's often nutty racial politics

Had to point you to a must-read comment piece on the phenomenon of “Coconuts” that caused a stir in the twitterverse. If you are not familiar with the term it’s a derogatory label for black people who are thought to have sold out being black by not being black enough. This sounds complicated I know. So I will leave it to Lerato Tshabalala, my former Sunday Times Lifestyle compadre, to explain and tell it like it is.

A fascinating, smart and funny  piece of commentary…


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Jimmy Choo is Back- Fall 2011


Shoelosophy notes: Jimmy Choo's collection for fall 2011 embraces many genres of footwear. I have chosen these two ankle boots. Black suede as seen above - Love, but could be a little conservative. The beige leather bootie with fur (synthetic) is my favourite from this collection.

Finally, Choo shoes I can truly advocate - I say this…


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The Hourglass


I was sitting in the room, listening to my iPod when my eye caught a glimpse of the hourglass on the shelf, and this is how it started...

Time is of no consequence and of every consequence. I started imagining people as hourglasses, some have just begun, some are mid way and others are almost over. Our grain slowly and steadily flows, with no emotion, no judgment, no…


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Vans Makes Custom Hermes Sneakers

Robert Verdi (New York stylist) took some of his old Hermès silk scarves and got Vans to use them to customize his sneakers. …


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Plus Size Vogue Italia



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Hypnotic Neon Signs

A combination of famous cult movies with neon signs have been created by UK designer Mr Whaite, converting them into spectacular animated gifs.

" I love neon signs - they’re hypnotic, sexy, sleazy and tacky all at the same time - and I’ve always thought it would be cool if cinemas used them to advertise films. So with that in mind, I thought I’d have a go at designing some…


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Inglot New Make-Up Store In Sandton



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Top 10 Fashion Classics That Are Timeless

The Trench Coat

The Classic Trench Coat or Mackintosh, continues to keep it's place in fashion year after year...

This versatile trench coat is a wardrobe must have. It's a true classic, that defy's time. The trench coat can be worn with sportswear or it can be worn well for…


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Jesse-Leigh Elford - Fashion Photographer Spotlight

We had the opportunity of chatting with one of South Africa's great fashion photographers. Cape Town based Jessie-Leigh Elford invited us into his world of photography, sharing his experiences, his process and his love for photography. His photos are currently featured in the June issue of Marie Claire.


Can you please give us a brief description of…


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Immersive Cocoon - 3D Theater

It is every tech-freak’s dream to be embedded into a system to experience a full-throttle digital world. The Immersive Cocoon offers a surround display dome complemented by the sophisticated motion-sensing software recreating a 3D space – a concept study for an advanced digital environment. The Cocoons can be leased to corporations for remote working solutions and internal…


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TWO - Spotlight


Neofundi is proud to introduce two awesome sisters, one of them a graphic designer, the other a fine artist. Both have a passion for fashion, an eye for aesthetics and an innate understanding of how to mix trends with wearable, functional clothing. 


Caren and Gina Waldman created the brand TWO, a success story that started in 2003, out of their parents home. Fast…


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Think Thin Eat Thin Cd Launch

New Launch  …

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Hyperspace - Photography by Igor Omulecki

The Hyperspace campaign to introduce the Audi A8 to the Polish market featured a series of remarkable photographs by Igor Omulecki depicting the car set against strange natural landscapes.

The surreal photographs were presented during exclusive events in Poland and a limited edition album of 1000 copies has been published.…


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Art Heist

"OH NO, EVERYONE! I went out to buy cookies and when I came back some of my priceless Vermeers, Rembrandts, Degas, and Manets were GONE!"


Illustrating the largest art heist in history - When Boston Common magazine was putting a story together about the…


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new collection

we have launched our new winter range...

read more

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Edita Vilkeviciute - for 032c

The Pin-up Files – Sean & Song photograph the forever seductive Edita Vilkeviciute for the most recent issue of 032c. Working with fashion editor Tamara Rothstein, the photography duo captures Edita in shades…


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A Project On The Edge Of Ballet and Fashion

Jan Masny started his practice in Krakow in the photographic studio of Bogdan Axman. In 2004 he moved to London where he now lives and works.

His main focus is in fashion photography was well as portraiture and advertising. His directive styles has led him to work with Virgin Records, Toni & Guy, Music TV Viva among others.

His photographs are…


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The Best of Angelina Jolie Films

Best Geek Chic

Hackers (1995)

Proving that computer nerds can be sexy, a Vulcan-coiffed Jolie made her feature film…


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tashas Luckiness Poem

This poem was written by Luckiness who works in the tashas kitchens as a salad lady. She wrote this poem for Natasha who has it laminated in her kitchen at the tashas Village View store. Luckiness has been with the tashas group for 10 years... 


IT’S MY tashas

"It’s my tashas

I have watched it growing from…


Added by tashas on May 31, 2011 at 19:00 — 1 Comment

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