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Dominic Jones Stunning Spikes


Dominic Jones has done it again!…


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Dreamy Cup Cakes

One of my favourite delights are cupcakes!! I love the way they look and taste. My general favourite is a vanilla based cupcake with any creamy frosting. I love the vanilla and caramel cupcakes at Woolies and my…


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David Ogilvy - Centenary

Edmund Whitehead (from Schweppes ads), Ogilvy, and George Wrangell (from Hathaway ads)

The iconic ad man, who was born on June 23 1911, has been credited with shaping the modern ad industry and introducing what in the 1920s were considered revolutionary ideas. This week the advertising world will be celebrating the centenary of his…


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Numero China - Alina by Charles Guo

Numero China features luxury time pieces using Alina as the backdrop. This amazing shoot has been lensed by Charles Guo.…


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Gloss Nail and Beauty


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I visited this exhibition on Saturday at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington which was fascinating.

Yohji Yamamoto was born in Tokyo in 1943 and studied fashion only after he completed his law degree. He became internationally renowned in the early 80s for challenging the traditional notions of fashion. 



There was…


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Introducing the 'Top 5' series on KB&T


This is merely an introduction to something new, and something that always interests me. I am the number one fan of quizzing people on the beauty must-haves or skin care routine, and the first to want to give those products a try. I wanted to do this because, not only is it a way to hear peoples best…


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Christian Louboutin - F/W 11 Lookbook

Peter Lippmann and designer Christian Louboutin work together to create the new lookbook for Fall/Winter 2011. Inspired by classic portrait paintings, where in each of the pictures you can  see a piece of the new Louboutin…


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A little trip home

I was at home this weekend - in Natal, and there really is nothing quite like it. The weather was amazing, wintery but sunny. Explored some amazing restaurant from Rosehurst and Freedom Cafe to La Lampara. I went to the Hilton vs MHS game which was awesome, where Michaelhouse won :) Brought…

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To read more on Lulalu's click on pic…


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LulaLu's - Spotlight

Nestled in the Blu Bird shopping centre, duo powerhouse Toni and Mazz, a formidable mom and daughter team are the creators of  LULALU'S. We got chatting to them and they offered us a closer look of Lulalu's.

How did the idea to start Lulalu’s come about?

My mother Mazz and I, wanted to work together. We both have a love for fashion and we wanted to merge the…


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Spring Trends 2011

ABOVE:That '70s Show-From the wide-leg trouser to the sexiest classic halter top, the '70s are back (again!) in a big way.…


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Recycled Scarves-Tamasyn Gambell

Recycled Scarves

A continually evolving collection of reclaimed scarves, sourced from a textile recycling plant near Nottingham. Each is uniquely over-printed in Tamasyn’s designs. The old pattern interacts with the new, forming a beautiful union and giving the scarf a new identity and a new lease of life.



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melissa shoes at TWO launch

so i've posted images of some of the shoes we stock at TWO... now its time to come and see them for yourselves and to celebrate their being in the TWO shop..


its on thursday evening 30th June starting at 6.30pm... we have a fabulous live band, snacks and cocktails and some great give-aways... and the shoes... *swoon*!


join us...




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TWO launches 54 on sixth...

we are launching an incredible events space called "54 on sixth" (54 sixth street parkhurst...). it is a space we hope to fill with all things girly and hope to have many amazing fun launches and events there...

this is our first one.

snacks and drinks will be served.

come check out the space and be inspired... 


Ca and…


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Get A Life. Buy My Porsche

One of the most creative classified ads I have ever seen. This video became a hit on-line, brainchild of Peter Bohus. "I was expecting some hype but not to this overwhelming extent in such a short period of time," he shares. "It's quite tiring to reply all kinds of inquiries and praises. On a more serious note, I feel like I could be doing this for a living now."

Bohus worked as a…


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Kissing Couple

Recently, the Internet went crazy over a picture of a couple kissing during the Vancouver riots. Was it real or was it staged? We all wanted to know...

Pop Photo just released a lengthy interview with the photographer who took the shot, Richard Lam.

When the Vancouver Canucks lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, it sent their home city into tumult. Riots broke…


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Unusual Portraits

I have chosen 20 portraits that really stood out to me for their originality and creativity. What these artists have done is take everyday materials like screws, maps, CDs or junk mail and turn them into incredibly cool and unusual works of art. We appreciate these artists not just for their unique style but also because we know that it takes a seemingly endless amount of time and patience to create… Continue

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HTK HOMME is a strong, bold brand for men only. Our service gives you everything you want, stylish clothes, immaculate service in a new look store that epitomises luxury retail.

Taki, Franco and Yves are the powerhouse trio who dedicate themselves to ensuring all H clients step into a new light of fashion.

Our clothing is sourced and continuously…


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Brazilians Lobby for a Quota of 20 Percent Black Models at São Paulo Fashion Week

After a public prosecutor in São Paulo found that only 28 of the 1,128 models booked for São Paulo fashion week in 2008 were black, fashion week organizers voluntarily launched a two-year quota that 10 percent of the models had to be black. However, many Brazilians are now calling for the quota to be raised to 20 percent. Protest organizer Frei Davi Santos explains: "São Paulo…


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