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Last night I had the privilege of attending the Gavin Rajah show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa courtesy of none other than Neofundi. The evening was amazing, filled with glamorous and fabulous people and fashion, as well free gifts compliments of Nivea SA and Labello. 

Of course Gavin put on a jaw dropping show; sequins, leopard print, gold, flashy 50's fuchsia pink, embellished head gear…


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Gorgeous Georgini in Edgars Stores

What's not to love about these gorgeous gems from Georgini? A selected range of the recently launched Australian brand is now available in Edgars stores nationwide.  Featuring in the top three jewellery brands in Australia, and taking the international jewellery industry by storm, Georgini has quickly become a brand synonymous with quality and affordable luxury. Crafted from the…


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Creative Typography

Typography can make a brand. Believe it! If it’s web design, album art, posters, or any other type of graphic design, typographical inspiration can be a great resource for designers. Here is a collection of 26 inspiring examples of creative typography..........................................................................…


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Harper’s Bazaar Spain November 2012

OMG! I love this cover. Harper’s Bazaar Spain November 2012 : Eugenia Volodina : Txema Yeste

For more covers from the news-stands  click here.…


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David Yurman's Fall 2012 Campaign- Gisele Bundchen

Jewellery brand David Yurman enlists Peter Lindbergh for its fall 2012 campaign featuring the stunning Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian supermodel wears sparkling accessories paired with simple denim and easy tees in Lindbergh’s black and white images. Check out Gisele in motion with the campaign video featured below.…


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Matchbook Sketches by Jason D'Aquino

New Orleans based artist and illustrator Jason D'Aquino draws these incredibly detailed illustrations inside matchbooks. You could certainly say he is a miniaturist. Many of his works not exceeding one by one inch in dimension.

Jason's influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Henry Darger and Hans Bellmer. His drawings, often political in nature, have graced…


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Today I'm Wearing... Nimble Fingers

This season’s affair with embellishment took me back to my school days and a bit of my Natalian heritage.   Fashion has seen a return to all things hand-made.  A return to a focus on the artisan and craftsmanship, an indulgence in time and slow, pain-staking processes.  There is a concentration on embroidery, embellishment, detail and beading.…


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Photorealistic Fashion Spread Paintings

oil on canvas - 135 x 95 cm - 2012

Stefania Fersini explains her work by saying, “The enlarged fashion pages bring back to real scale the characters and the scene in the foreground, creating a parallel world made of models, scenarios, icons of our society. Magazine papers picked from…


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Hilarious Portraits of Trotter

Trotter is soooo cute in these hilarious costumes. Photos taken by Sonya Yu...............................



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Vogue Covers - November 2012

I don't have to tell you how much I love Vogue, all of them, from Mexico to Australia. 

Above: Carolyn Murphy by Cass Bird for Vogue Mexico Nov 2012 issue

Below: Vogue Australia November 2012 : Catherine McNeil : Benny Horne…


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Not Feeling It...

So many times. So many times I’ve said to a friend: “He’s just not that into you.”


When the shoe’s on the other foot it ain’t so comfy, hey?

I am lucky enough to have male friends who keep it real.

“Cands… no. I’m sorry you dry-cleaned your Marilyn Monroe outfit and made your Engagement Chicken. He is JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.”

Too real.

So I have a lovely friend who will henceforth be known as “Ho…


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Stunning Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

Image credit: Paul Nicklen/Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

The winners of the 48th annual Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition were announced on October 17th…


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Organic Skincare with a Difference

If you've been recycling all your glass, paper and plastic furiously, but are still using cosmetics that might be dodgy when it comes to sustainability, then listen up.

The Acquizhen range was formulated by Dr Eric Schulte to create a superior, natural and organic skincare brand whilst fulfilling the holistic approach and needs of consumers.  His thinking behind this was…


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Prankster -Ed Bassmaster

Ed Bassmaster Dresses as a Bush Man to Prank & Scare New Yorkers. :)

Watch the video, it is really funny.

You might also like:

Model falls …


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Magazine Covers from Around the World

Some of my favourite magazine covers for November 2012. 

Above-Dazed & Confused: Joan Smalls & Sam Riley : Sean & Seng.

Below- A lady that needs no introduction. Harper’s Bazaar Russia November 2012 : Naomi Campbell : Natalia Alaverdian…


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Ornate Expectations

The worlds of interiors and fashion come together to revel in the extravagant materials and intricate ornamentation of baroque. Baroque is one of the fall season's biggest trends and this stunning editorial for the latest issue of How To Spend It Magazine encapsulates it to the full. Styling by Damian Foxe. Photographs by Andrew Yee…


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Coca-Cola Vending Machine

“Coke Dance Vending Machine” in South Korea.

Coca-Cola takes experiential marketing to the next level. Teaming up with Microsoft's Kinect technology, the vending machine challenges people to replicate dance moves, and if successful they earn a free coke. Check out the video below to see how it works.…


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If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

If one quarter of our bodies bones are in our feet and if fairy tales often use shoes as a symbol representing an escape from a boring routine life then we say if the shoe fits, wear it and lets celebrate these beauties and our lives in it! Our newest find from Preview Shoes are these gorgeous babies…. they scream “Sex in the City” and I can just hear Ms Carrie Bradshaw saying, "it…


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Dress for Success (for Less!)

I AM obsessed with weddings and romance and love and FASHION (of course) and when my husband gets tired of hearing all about it, I turn to my blogs. Even though I am married, I love to help my friends and their friends and so on, figure out how to save money on their wedding without sacrificing style. These are a few things I've learned in the last few weeks...

1) Look for your…


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Dressing for Success

You look like a whore’ said Thembie, our housekeeper, as I was dressing to go out for lunch.

I looked in the mirror.

“Elegant!” I thought to myself, admiring my tight fitting black dress, fish-net stockings, high heeled shoes and thick red lipstick.

She muttered something in Tswana under her breath, and pulled out a few dresses from the cupboard for me.  ‘Try this’ she said, handing me the plain brown sack.

“I hate that one!” I said.

“So why did you buy it…


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