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Jimmy Choo and UGG'S

UGG boots and Jimmy Choos are certainly not an obvious pairing. 









The 'SORA' in chocolate, comprises of cuff detail and two layers of suede fringing. Heel is…


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Carnival in Venice


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Nickolas Kirkwood Shoes


The Photos of Stephanie LaCava, were posted by Citizen Couture.

Shoelosophy notes: Kirkwood's trademark style always has a futuristic leaning, in this case Kirkwood has leant towards sophistication. The earthy colour and tassel ties gives this pair a balance of future and classic. The more I look at this pair, the more I like them. The tassel…


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This Year's 10 Biggest Movies in Lego Form


What is it about those brightly colored plastic blocks that always seems to conjure up fond memories of our childhood? Old Red Jalopy did an outstanding job of making them relevant by creating this summer's blockbuster movie posters all in Lego-style. They're so well done, they'll make you wish the movies were…


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Zaha Hadid's Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center

This magnificent design which is scheduled to open in 2013, is Abu Dhabi’s new Performing Arts Center.  It's one of the latest architectural commissions to be created by Iraqi-born Zaha Hadid. The space houses a music hall, drama theatre, opera house, concert hall and a theater with a combined seating capacity for 6,300 people. The Arts…


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Conceptual Photography by John Wright-Part 2

Yesterday I showed some photos of celebrated photographer John Wright. Here is a selection of some of his work with celebrities such as Michael Jackson and U2.



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Hugh Hefner's Iconic Bunny - Playboy

Hefner was gifted with an ironic stroke of fate when the original “Stag Club” name that was going to grace his new men’s magazine was legally blocked by Stag magazine. He needed a new handle, and the stag was soon converted to the now iconic bunny, one of the most renames in history.

In 1960, when the very first Playboy Club opened– the so-called icon of the sexual…


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Fifteen Richest Fictional Characters

 Forbes released its Annual Fictional 15, which ranks the richest characters from television, film, comics and books.


1)Scrooge McDuck, is the richest Billionaire. Net Worth $28.8…


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Imagine Maslow's Suprise

Maslow's Pyramid is a pretty accurate diagram of self discovery.  For me the only thing that’s missing is the importance of music.  He forgot to mention it in “Safety”, when a mother sings a lullaby to comfort a child. In “Love and Belonging” when a lover dedicates a song to express what he cannot. In “Esteem” when a song brings a smile to your day, and of course, in “Self Actualization” when the whole world vibrates in perfect harmony.…


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Hublot Big Bang Watch

The new Hublot Big Bang Watch, is set in 18k white gold and has as many as 142 carats worth of baguette diamonds, which covers the case, the dial and the bracelet.

It costs $2.8 million. A total of 637 baguette diamonds along with one rose cut diamond on the crown dress up this masterpiece. More than 13,000 hours were needed to cut the stones which then took 2,000…


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Conceptual Photography by John Wright

John Wright is a superb and talented photographer who's shot modern-day rock and roll royalty like U2, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. At 42 years old, he hails from Glasgow but works and lives in Los Angeles. Coming from a working class background and, despite the fact he's now working in the field of celebrity photography he still stays true to his roots saying, "What I do…


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Balenciaga Stiletto Pump

Three strapped Balenciaga pump, 5"inch stiletto heel, platform and super point. This shot was taken in the streets of Paris.


Shoelosophy notes: Dangerously sexy, would take a certain kind of talent to walk in these. The stiletto and pointy points are…


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The Swimsuit that Outraged-Australian Fashion Week

Australian swimwear company Lisa Blue, caused an outrage on the catwalk during Australian fashion Week. The swimsuit featured a print representation of Lakshmi Devi, a Hindu goddess. 

Lisa Blue's official apology, "We would like to offer an apology to anyone we may have offended and advise that the image of Goddess…


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Stella Tennant Ice Blue Hair for Cover of i-D Magazine

This cover feature of i-D magazine is a collaboration of two legends, Stella Tennant (model) and Paolo Roversi (Photographer). Stellas hair is pale blue grey with an acid wash style.

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A Forest and a Splash of Colour

TIJI "COLOUR" HD from AKAMA on Vimeo.


As a black and white forest is beautifully painted, a lone panda is forgotten, sparking the compassion of an imaginative little boy.

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Salma Hayek's First Beauty Line - Nuance


Salma Hayek (mexican actress, director and producer, married to Francois-Henri Pinault) has taken time off from her acting career to focus on the development of her first beauty line called Nuance Salma Hayek. Inspired by her grandmother, a cosmetologist who was an advocate of native American and Mayan formulations, Salma is set to…


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The Art of the Automobile

The renowned Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is celebrating one the most celebrated personal car collections in the world-that of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren

Acting as a visual timeline of the evolution of European automobile design through the…


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Evolution of Underwear


Armmori Belt 1924



La Perla 1975




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Cinemagraphs - Part 2

I am so fascinated by these Gifs, they take a still moment and transform it into something magical.

As they continue adding to their portfolio, I will follow their progress and keep you posted on Neofundi. 

When asked what they (Jamie Beck and Kevin Berg) hope others will get…


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Gauthier Design

For the New Year, Gauthier offered to all its clients a glass…


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