How Do I Post a Video?

Simply go to the navigation tab and click 'videos', then on top right click on 'ADD'.


You now can choose whether to add video stored on your computer 'click to Add Videos' OR you can go add video from say YouTUbe or Vimeo(any any video sharing site for that matter). Click on 'or embed videos from other services' shown by bottom arrow.


once you have clicked above option all you need to do is to paste the embed code in the bottom box, shown by red circle. Then click 'Add Video'.


To get an embed code from You Tube is simple. Go to YouTube and find the video that you want. You eill see a box that says 'share', click on this and then click on 'embed'.


Once you click 'embed' the embed code is opened. Click on code so that it is highlighted, then right click 'copy' and paste it into your the circled area in third pic above. We recommend checking the 'Use old embed code' box (this makes your video so much more compatible with neofundi).

Once video has been added, you will be presented with options to describe and title the video, often this is automatically configured for you. Remember to tag your video. this makes it easy to find.

How do I tag my video post ?

Separate all key words with a comma, if a double word the use inverted commas. example Tags   fashion,photo,"neofundi news",web

Once tagged your 4 key words listed will be as follows:



neofundi news


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