Wintery Flush

When winter comes around it’s time to snuggle up in something warm to brave the cold. How do you stay warm yet still look simply stylish this winter? South African couture king Spero Villioti shares some of the top colour suggestions for a tasteful winter wardrobe.


Day 1

This colour has stood the test of time and “Is always a good colour,” comments Mr Villioti. As one radio advert I heard put it, “Black is the new black, the old black and the only black” (or something to this effect).

Chocolate Browns
The earthy shade has seen through many winter wardrobes but always seems to add that extra bit of refinement and luxury to the winter palette.

A great and perfectly on-trend way to wear these colours this season is a midi skirt. The longer length garment is chic and sexy for winter 2011.
Black items with brocade lace detail will add opulence and luxury to your winter cupboard.

Photographer: SDR Photo


Day 2

Navy Blue
A fantastic alternative to the true winter staple; black. You cannot go wrong with a high quality, tailored navy blue blazer and navy blue suits, for men, are perfect for any occasion. And as one online fashionista says, “The Fall/Winter 2010-11 blue trend mesmerizes the public with its psychedelic vibe and blinding radiance.”

The perfect colour to wear not only in winter itself but also for those tricky trans-seasonal days that are so common in Johannesburg.

A trendy gray gilet makes a great statement if you wish to keep up with this winter’s fashions.

For the ultimate fashion trend enhance your navy items with great buttons. According to you should, “Choose salute-worthy brass buttons against navy…”

Photographer: SDR Photo


Day 4

Naturals/Nudes Combo
Mixing and matching the classic nudes and natural colours is a great winter look. Beiges, grays, blacks, creams, etc. all coming together in perfect layers create simple elegance.

Camel is at the top of winter 2011’s palette. Camel coloured coats, bags, slacks, you name it have been seen all over.

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