Spero’s Choice of Evening Wear for Women

A confident woman is always the most beautiful, no matter her shape or size. In celebration of women and their beauty this week we take a look at some of the king of South African couture’s favourite styles for a glamorous night out. Mr Villioti sees beauty in every single woman even if she cannot see it for herself.  “I don’t like fashion that demeans woman at all.”


Day 1

The Strapless Dress

Whether you like to wear it long or short, the strapless dress gives a woman an air of elegance and refinement. This garment shows off the neck and shoulders and the graceful femininity of a woman.

Photographer: SDR Photo


Day 2

The Mini Dress

Should only be worn by the right person as this style does not suit everyone. However when worn properly highlights the real beauty of a woman's figure.

Photographer: SDR Photo


Day 3

The Romantic Statement Ball Gown

There is always something regal about the statement ball gown.


Photographer: SDR Photo


Day 4

The Plunging Neckline

I'm not opposed to a plunging neckline, as long as it is not vulgar. “I hate vulgarity! I prefer woman to look sexy and this is definitely possible without being vulgar.” It is unnecessary to look cheap.Photographer: SDR Photo


The Slinky ‘Glamour Goddess’ Gowns

“A confident woman is the most beautiful kind, no matter the shape or size. All women should be put on a pedestal.”

Photographer: SDR Photo

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