Introducing Spero Villioti Couture in 2011

The Spero Villioti Couture 2011 collection is very much inspired by Johannesburg city and South Africa as the backdrop to the city.

The vibrant, rich, golden sunsets have been intertwined into the collection through the strong yet elegant presence of golden fabrics contrasted by delicate shades of silver, representing the grey, rainy summer days and the city’s altogether glorious thunder storms and showers. The inherent reflective properties of some of the fabrics used in the collection are reminiscent of the reflective windows clothing the city’s skyscrapers. The city’s rich history, embedded in the discovery of precious metals and other uniquely South African treasures, are also woven into the various pieces imitating a sense of joy and life within each piece.

Elements of the natural beauty and phenomena of the city and its surrounds have been embedded into the collection. The reflective windows of the magnificent buildings within the city centre have been translated by the use of metallic, reflective fabrics and shades of brilliant silver. The city was founded on the discovery of precious metals and this has also been incorporated with the golden theme intertwined within various pieces in the collection. The innate beauty and contrasts within the city itself is an immense inspiration which seems to regenerate each and every day.

“The tuxedo is a great influence on the collection. You will also see a strong presence of short party dresses as opposed to long dresses. Mixing and matching is key within the Spero Villioti Couture Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. Contrast, and its ability to bring out the beauty within different pieces, is one of the design elements that have been harnessed within the collection. And there is a use of futuristic fabrics throughout the collection” comments Spero Villioti; designer/owner of Spero Villioti Couture.

With the celebration of all the royal weddings set to take place next year the illustrious elements of glamour and romance will be brought back in 2011.

Comment by Lulalu's on July 23, 2011 at 10:24
have always been insired by your elegant designs!

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