Share some of your favourite items of clothing for a glamour filled night out. What are some of your favourite looks from the 2011 trends? What are some of your live saving items that you couldn't live without and what items are a definite "no", under any circumstance?

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My favourite items in my wardrobe for winter 2011, are my black leather flat soled boots, my long grey fold in front with a belt jersey and my black coat, slim fit above the knee.

My 'can't live without' item is definitely my all colours and fabrics.

A glamour filled night will be my red lipstick, black coat and black heels(not too high, my feet get sore).

I'm quite a classic and comfortable dresser...nothing too sexy or high.


Well people that know me would never call me glamourous....allow me to plead the 5th. So next question, I love that anything put together tastefully is trendy. My life saving items; jeans, my Uggs, and my leather jacket from AllSaints. Definite NO to leopards prints and leotards!!


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