Hey guys fess up, let us know who your favourite bloggers are.

I am especially interested in our very own SA bloggers.

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I see comments on Melpo's blog she is developing a following. Blogs from the heart. Go girl!!

I am also pleased that one of my favourite bloggers 'FashionJazz' has joined Neofundi. for a link to her profile click Jasna Zellerhoff .

Guess I will have to find time !!!! Looks interesting
While we are naming bloggers check out Lynne's blog, she has some very interesting things to say
I love our local bloggers: Melpo theodorou is very original, honest and inspriational.
Vincent Hofmann

@ Jason, checking out his blog now. seems great !! Excellent, I love new discoveries.

His url is http://vincenthofmann.com/ .

Great blog by Melpo Theodorou
Another interesting and original blogger by "Everything She Loves" - very creative


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